Tips to get a Great Job

First impressions are key to this industry like any service orientated position and it starts with impeccable presentation.

  • For starters your resume should be well presented with a great head shot photo, clear and concise, see our resume template section for great tips on resume formats
  • Be certain you are well informed, know the best locations seasonally. Have all your Certificates scanned and duplicates with originals, make certain you are to date or renewals are in place as often when it comes to a choice Captains don’t have time to wait for updated ENG1 and other certifications to be current.
  • Think about your best qualities and answer for yourself why should someone hire you?
  • Sell yourself on paper in covering letters and most importantly in your CV and in person.
    The interviewer is looking always to seek out your flaws, thin about questions you have for the job
  • Make certain they are directed to find out if the job is for you.
  • Steer away from the “how soon till I get a rise, whats in it for me, how much wifi do I get etc”?

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