Tips for Successful Interviews

Impeccable presentation is key, ALWAYS present as if you were meeting the owners.

Dont go to interview unshaven unshowered, dress as a yacht crew should LOOK.

  • Neat appearance
  • Professional manner
  • Positive attitude
  • Look the interviewer in the eye, maintain contact, engage in the interview

Be organized and ready for the general questions. Like “so tell me about yourself”, for this have a brief summary of your experience yachting or otherwise, why you are good for the position, what qualities you have, a small personal brief and a big engaging smile. THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO SHINE!, and the interviewer will see how organized you are before the interview and with your preparation for the interview like “Let us know why you are best for the job”. Focus on a few past accomplishments.

BE HONEST don’t waste peoples time, be clear about your expectations, long term, gap year, vacation job, day worker, etc

The interviewer is looking for where your strong points are in key categories such as

  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Abilities-Certs and Qualifications
  • Your Communications skills
  • Your ability to adapt to change in an environment
    How hardworking are you
  • Are you a team player
  • What motivates you, are you a leader, can you manage a team, yourself, or are you willing to start at the bottom, and the bottom can be pretty rough on a busy charter yacht and take all that is thrown at you?

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