Get into Super Yachts

As a crew placement agency we get asked the same questions time and time again so we have complied a few things to get you thinking about how serious you are about a career in yachting.

Working on Superyachts can be an incredible experience . You get to travel to exotic destinations, you meet some great people, the salary is generally better than most, and if you are on Charter yacht the gratuities and benefits can be amazing. But it is HARD work, you need a strong work ethic and nothing comes easy living and working 24/7 in both your work and private space. The hours can be long, the jobs are often repetitive and mundane, and when you are busy as yachts on the move are, often you won’t really get to see any of the places you visit. if you are new to the industry and working in the interior, you may be in a windowless laundry or on housekeeping duties on the graveyard shift!

When it comes to living on board. Your living space might be small and you may fins the crew dynamics a challenge, you are thrown together with many personalities who don’t knock off at 5 pm and sometimes it won’t be the job, but rather the people that make the position untenable
working in the yachting industry is unique in that you have to work and live with the same people day in, day out, and they might not be the kind of people you would choose to live with!

For all the negatives a job in the industry is often the best year on ones career lifespan, and many people make it a career choice and stay in it long term
The social side of the job is fun and exciting and you will have some fantastic experiences with owners and those who charter as well as your follow crew
.The most important factor when considering a job in this industry and wanting to go the distance is you have to work hard to last the distance and reap the rewards!.

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